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McGrane Self-Esteem Center partners with social service agencies, law enforcement and governmental agencies, businesses, schools, churches, faith-based organizations, and other non-profits to identify those who would benefit most from this life-changing experience. Through the Center, we reach people in pain who need a new beginning and just don’t know how to get there. Typically, the lives of these individuals have been derailed because of abuse, poverty and despair – some have even been in prison.

Sponsorships are awarded to adolescents and adults who have the potential to lead happy, productive lives and who are unable to afford the seminar tuition. Scholarships are also awarded to those who serve others – leaders, teachers, social workers, counselors, and others professionals who impact the lives of many – the "wounded healer."

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The McGrane Self-Esteem Center

Home  |  Who the Center Serves  |  Our Mission  |  Contributions  |  Scholarships